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East Coast New Brunswick Exploring

Tuesday, March 8, 2016, was a day for exploring the shores of The Bay Of Fundy near Alma and Cape Enrage. The sun was shining and it felt much like a spring afternoon. The tide was on the way out but only one-quarter of the way. It really is fascinating how fast and far the water travels. It was not until I witnessed this for myself, that the full realization occurred. You must be careful when out along these shores, especially if you cannot swim.

This first photo was taken at a place called Dennis Beach. WOW was all I could say when I got out of the car and looked over the cliff! The view is incredible in all directions! Access to the beach is very limited and I could not manage the steep incline down, not to mention getting back up. A shame really because the painting and photo ops are truly endless. Perched at the top where this photo was taken is breathtaking and will provide many opportunities to paint this summer. I certainly can envision  different scenarios with the changing …
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Cassie Cape and Shediac New Brunswick Photo Excursion

Yesterday was an incredible day! I decided to go for a drive along the water near Shediac and Cassie Cape which is just about 30 minutes away from where I live now. It was a beautiful sunny day which has been somewhat rare recently. As you can see, there is not much snow left here but still cold enough for ice. Nothing compared to the normal seasonal temperatures for the area. According to some of the local bird reports, there were a couple of snowy owls in the area. Unfortunately, I did not see them. A bit disappointing but the color of the water more than makes up for it. One thing that I can not get over is the color of the water here. It is the most intense blue! The different degrees of blue make my fingers itch to paint.
 I hope that you find these images pleasing and look forward to any comments.

Recent Events as of Oct 2015 The past year has been one of many changes both in my personal life as well as my artistic one.  It takes great courage to do both, something I really never though I posessed. It was not until someone had commented on this that the realization occured.  Moving and starting over is one thing but stepping out artistically seemed much more daunting. The realization that now being in my mid 40's and never having taken a risk in this direction seemed somewhat discouraging. It was time to do something about it. The desire and drive has always been there. The obsticle has always been my health. With work comes sacrifice in my personal life. The first being hobbies and a social life because lets face it if you dont make money you can not afford to do either one of those things, can you? You see after a day of work when you body hurts and you can not think straight the desire is just not there anymore.  Having found a job that is enjoyable and bosses who are un…

"Small Is Beautiful" Show and Sale

The art gallery of Burlington is hosting a “Small Is Beautiful ” sale for the month of November. This is the painting that everyone chose for me to submit. I am still a bit unsure but we will see. If it sells I will be ecstatic.

Hamilton Air Show

Here are a few images taken from my backyard of the Hamilton Air Show this past weekend. The Nikon really impressed me again. This camera is still new to me but it really outshines my old Olympus. I used the standard lens with the auto focus as my only other lens is manual focus. Impossible with the speeds these aircraft were flying.  Had the UV polarizer on the lens as it was a beautiful sunny day. The really nice thing with this camera is the ability to really zoom in and crop these images. Enjoy!

Back Again!! :-)

It has been far too long since this blog has been active. It goes to show that I have done very little painting and photography these past several months. Winter was a tough one as for personal health issues but things are much better at the moment. Spring was terrible too, so wet and cold that it really did not inspire me to spend much time outside with these aching bones. But like I said, things are much better now.
I have been painting again recently and have decided to go on a trip with OPAS. The Ontario Plein Air  Society. The trip is for the first week of Sept and it is four days in some of Ontario's most beautiful northern landscapes. An area that is quite new to me in location (Haliburton) but not as far as landscape features. It is truly God's country up there with all the lakes, rivers, streams and wildlife. With any luck there will be many photos and even a few paintings. The weather has been unpredictable all summer, so really really praying it is good while we are…

Spring Flowers

Spring is finally here but it sure does not feel like it today. Good thing I was able to snap a few photos yesterday. The ice pellets and strong winds that have prevailed all day on and off would not have made for a good photo session. Lucky for me I was able to capture a few good images. One of the most enjoyable things for me is photographing plants, trees and flowers. I don't know why but its a real obsession!
Both of these images were taken using my Nikon D3200. The colour photo remains untouched but the black and white photo I did some adjusting in Photoshop. Black and white photography just has a certain appeal which I am trying to explore. We always see florals in colour so I thought it would be interesting to see some in Black and White.  My Internet works slower then a turtle so there will only be two photos this time. Till next time!!