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Part 2

This week we added more green to the grasses near the water. Adjusted the color of both roofs. Started on a lighter coating of the barn boards and shadows. Things are coming along very well.
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oil painting 1.jpg

Started taking oil painting lessons just over a month ago. So far this is where I am. Have to admit that it is much more enjoyable then I imagined it would be. Gina my teacher is a very talented artist. She also has the patience of a saint.LOl
This painting is from a reference photo I took of my b/f"s aunts property. She lives next door to us. It is a 16x20 canvas, smooth surface.
All the green is certainly a learning experience and driving me nuts. But then again landscapes have a lot of green depending on the season.
I will continue to update my progress on here.
Bye for Now
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