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I'm back

Well it has taken me a month to get back here but I made it. The weather has been fantastic so far and I really should not have any excuses for not painting outside. But of course i do. Hands are still pretty sore so painting has been kept at a minimum. This does not mean that one cannot plan ahead though. Being off work for the next few weeks will give me some time to catch up on a few of the new books purchased such as, Landscape painting by Albala. So far it has proved to be pretty good. Gave me a new perspective on how to perceive light and shadows.
Another good book is Emily Carr by Maria Tippett.It is not a new book but a very detailed and concise version of Emily's life story. Believe me I have read a few already and this is by far the best.
As for future paintings, the leaves are starting to change color so now is a good time to get as many reference shots as possible. The fall colors look to be quite beautiful this year. Perhaps i can post a few pics in the near future.