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It has taken me some time to get back here after a bit of a personal challenge this year. Finding a new job is soooo stressful!! Luck has it that i have settled in permanently at a wonderful clinic close to home. The physicians and staff are wonderful! All worries aside it is now time to concentrate on my second love. Painting and Photography. Last week i took a big leap and traded in my Olympus E-510 for the new Nikon D3200 24.3 mega pixel DSLR camera. I was never really happy with the Olympus user interface. The camera took beautiful photos but it was not user friendly at all. This was my first DSLR camera and the learning curve was long and strenuous to say the least. So much so that I still feel confused over using some features and the camera in general. The Nikon on the other hand is much better. There is still a learning curve but it seems to be much easier so far. Each of the basic settings are simple to navigate and understand. The only thing i have noticed so far is the battery life is not as long as the Olympus.Thanks to Ebay that issue was easily resolved for under $20.00. Despite what anyone says i have no problem ordering from China, Hong Kong etc...Look at your battery and camera to see where it is made! Great prices and in most cases free shipping. Now having said that there are some great deals to be had for filters too. Just purchased three brand name (Hoya, Tiffen) filters from the USA for under ten dollars each. Who says you have to buy new. We all have a forward to getting out and getting some photos this weekend. The weather has been dismal and I have been under the weather as well. If anyone has this camera and has any advice please comment. Thats it for now! TTYL :-)


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As promised here are a few photos of my artwork from the past 5 yrs. Not a huge body of work but a few things i am proud of.

Dec Floral Forum Project

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Quick update from the Black Berry. This was the Floral Forum project from Dec. As you can see I am a bit behind. LoL Great project concept and the references were beautiful. I chose a different reference pic and changed it. Solely for educational purposes. Need all the help I can get. This image is aprox. 8x10 which tends to be my favorite size. Painted using Derwent Inktense Watersoluble Pencils for the first time. Have to confess at first they were troublesome but the more I used them the better I liked them. The colors are very vibrant. Unlike watercolor pencils the color sets fast and permanent. So beware! Having said that, you can really achieve some nice layers of color. Overall very pleased(cause they were not cheap) and enjoy using them.
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