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Spring Flowers

Spring is finally here but it sure does not feel like it today. Good thing I was able to snap a few photos yesterday. The ice pellets and strong winds that have prevailed all day on and off would not have made for a good photo session. Lucky for me I was able to capture a few good images. One of the most enjoyable things for me is photographing plants, trees and flowers. I don't know why but its a real obsession!
Both of these images were taken using my Nikon D3200. The colour photo remains untouched but the black and white photo I did some adjusting in Photoshop. Black and white photography just has a certain appeal which I am trying to explore. We always see florals in colour so I thought it would be interesting to see some in Black and White.  My Internet works slower then a turtle so there will only be two photos this time. Till next time!!