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Back Again!! :-)

It has been far too long since this blog has been active. It goes to show that I have done very little painting and photography these past several months. Winter was a tough one as for personal health issues but things are much better at the moment. Spring was terrible too, so wet and cold that it really did not inspire me to spend much time outside with these aching bones. But like I said, things are much better now.
I have been painting again recently and have decided to go on a trip with OPAS. The Ontario Plein Air  Society. The trip is for the first week of Sept and it is four days in some of Ontario's most beautiful northern landscapes. An area that is quite new to me in location (Haliburton) but not as far as landscape features. It is truly God's country up there with all the lakes, rivers, streams and wildlife. With any luck there will be many photos and even a few paintings. The weather has been unpredictable all summer, so really really praying it is good while we are all up there. Most people are staying in the same camp ground from what I understand, so we will get a chance to meet and get to know one another as well. So far I have only met a few of our members and they are very talented and genuinely nice people.
I look forward to posting some photos of the trip. In the mean time you may see some works in progress. They will by no means be anything'm trying to get rid of the painting cob webs so to speak and get back into the swing of things. Wish me luck!!
Attached is an incomplete Plein Air from a couple of weeks ago.



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Quick update from the Black Berry. This was the Floral Forum project from Dec. As you can see I am a bit behind. LoL Great project concept and the references were beautiful. I chose a different reference pic and changed it. Solely for educational purposes. Need all the help I can get. This image is aprox. 8x10 which tends to be my favorite size. Painted using Derwent Inktense Watersoluble Pencils for the first time. Have to confess at first they were troublesome but the more I used them the better I liked them. The colors are very vibrant. Unlike watercolor pencils the color sets fast and permanent. So beware! Having said that, you can really achieve some nice layers of color. Overall very pleased(cause they were not cheap) and enjoy using them.
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