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Recent Events as of Oct 2015 The past year has been one of many changes both in my personal life as well as my artistic one.  It takes great courage to do both, something I really never though I posessed. It was not until someone had commented on this that the realization occured.  Moving and starting over is one thing but stepping out artistically seemed much more daunting. The realization that now being in my mid 40's and never having taken a risk in this direction seemed somewhat discouraging. It was time to do something about it. The desire and drive has always been there. The obsticle has always been my health. With work comes sacrifice in my personal life. The first being hobbies and a social life because lets face it if you dont make money you can not afford to do either one of those things, can you? You see after a day of work when you body hurts and you can not think straight the desire is just not there anymore.  Having found a job that is enjoyable and bosses who are un…

"Small Is Beautiful" Show and Sale

The art gallery of Burlington is hosting a “Small Is Beautiful ” sale for the month of November. This is the painting that everyone chose for me to submit. I am still a bit unsure but we will see. If it sells I will be ecstatic.