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Cassie Cape and Shediac New Brunswick Photo Excursion

Yesterday was an incredible day! I decided to go for a drive along the water near Shediac and Cassie Cape which is just about 30 minutes away from where I live now. It was a beautiful sunny day which has been somewhat rare recently. As you can see, there is not much snow left here but still cold enough for ice. Nothing compared to the normal seasonal temperatures for the area. According to some of the local bird reports, there were a couple of snowy owls in the area. Unfortunately, I did not see them. A bit disappointing but the color of the water more than makes up for it. One thing that I can not get over is the color of the water here. It is the most intense blue! The different degrees of blue make my fingers itch to paint.
 I hope that you find these images pleasing and look forward to any comments.