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East Coast New Brunswick Exploring

Tuesday, March 8, 2016, was a day for exploring the shores of The Bay Of Fundy near Alma and Cape Enrage. The sun was shining and it felt much like a spring afternoon. The tide was on the way out but only one-quarter of the way. It really is fascinating how fast and far the water travels. It was not until I witnessed this for myself, that the full realization occurred. You must be careful when out along these shores, especially if you cannot swim.

This first photo was taken at a place called Dennis Beach. WOW was all I could say when I got out of the car and looked over the cliff! The view is incredible in all directions! Access to the beach is very limited and I could not manage the steep incline down, not to mention getting back up. A shame really because the painting and photo ops are truly endless. Perched at the top where this photo was taken is breathtaking and will provide many opportunities to paint this summer. I certainly can envision  different scenarios with the changing weather patterns and light. One thing I did notice is that the light does change quite drastically in the afternoons. The sun disappears and you are left with a rather flat dull light,t devoid of shadows and contrast. For me, those are two things that give a painting or photo character. My mind was racing with the thought of a foggy day, thunderstorm or even snow. Unfortunately, with the later I would get stuck there. The drive is about an hour from my home and the roads are treacherous in bad weather. Mud could potentially be a problem too.
Aside from all of that, these reference shots will provide me with some practice until warmer weather prevails. Did I mention the wind along there is strong and cold!

A few other places along the same coastline is Waterside Beach and Cape Enrage. Again, both incredible and beautiful. Hope you enjoy these few photos and the future works of art.


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Quick update from the Black Berry. This was the Floral Forum project from Dec. As you can see I am a bit behind. LoL Great project concept and the references were beautiful. I chose a different reference pic and changed it. Solely for educational purposes. Need all the help I can get. This image is aprox. 8x10 which tends to be my favorite size. Painted using Derwent Inktense Watersoluble Pencils for the first time. Have to confess at first they were troublesome but the more I used them the better I liked them. The colors are very vibrant. Unlike watercolor pencils the color sets fast and permanent. So beware! Having said that, you can really achieve some nice layers of color. Overall very pleased(cause they were not cheap) and enjoy using them.
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