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I am back! Been spending a bit of time checking out in hopes of creating and selling some of my artwork. This web site offers a wide range of products. Here is a link to check out a card, one of a few that have been created so far along with a cell phone case, ipod case and shopping bag ect...
Lantern Christmas Card by Graphxgal
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Wetcanvas Christmas Card Exchange

I'm back

Well it has taken me a month to get back here but I made it. The weather has been fantastic so far and I really should not have any excuses for not painting outside. But of course i do. Hands are still pretty sore so painting has been kept at a minimum. This does not mean that one cannot plan ahead though. Being off work for the next few weeks will give me some time to catch up on a few of the new books purchased such as, Landscape painting by Albala. So far it has proved to be pretty good. Gave me a new perspective on how to perceive light and shadows.
Another good book is Emily Carr by Maria Tippett.It is not a new book but a very detailed and concise version of Emily's life story. Believe me I have read a few already and this is by far the best.
As for future paintings, the leaves are starting to change color so now is a good time to get as many reference shots as possible. The fall colors look to be quite beautiful this year. Perhaps i can post a few pics in the near future.

First Attempt at Plein Air

Here is my first attempt at Plein air painting on Saturday. Got my new Guerrialla Pochade box all set up and organized. The setting up actually took longer then the time I spent painting. As you can see from the second pic it didn't take long for this storm to roll in from nowhere. The sun was shining when i went out the  next thing you know there is thunder and about staying out if it were not for the lighting and me almost sitting under a tree!
Just a small delay considering we have had pretty good weather this summer and not too many rain days. Hoping to continue where this paining left off. It is the view from my front yard so it is just a matter of walking out the front door. No
Will post a pic when it is finished.

Lighthouse 1

Here is the next project! This is 18x24 which is quite large for me. I really like it so far. Started with an under-painting to become familiar with the values. Really felt comfortable starting out this way and could relax when the white canvas was The building itself was left white because i didn't want to have to try and make it white again later on. Going to pencil in more details as the perspective is proving difficult. Wish me luck!

Finished for now

Here is the final effort! Turned out much better then anticipated for my first landscape. Learned lots as far as color is concerned. Water was a challenge but the reflection was more difficult. Onto the next

Part 3

This is the last session of my painting class where I worked mostly on the grasses. The greens are a challenge but coming along better then anticipated. Figured it is pretty good for my first Landscape painting. Need more practice remembering colors and how we achieved certain combinations. It is like learning a new language. Gina is a great teacher!
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Part 2

This week we added more green to the grasses near the water. Adjusted the color of both roofs. Started on a lighter coating of the barn boards and shadows. Things are coming along very well.
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oil painting 1.jpg

Started taking oil painting lessons just over a month ago. So far this is where I am. Have to admit that it is much more enjoyable then I imagined it would be. Gina my teacher is a very talented artist. She also has the patience of a saint.LOl
This painting is from a reference photo I took of my b/f"s aunts property. She lives next door to us. It is a 16x20 canvas, smooth surface.
All the green is certainly a learning experience and driving me nuts. But then again landscapes have a lot of green depending on the season.
I will continue to update my progress on here.
Bye for Now
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Fingerless Cable Mittens

This is what I have been working on recently. Now that spring is here they will be packed away till fall. First attempt at doing cables, absolute love them. This was a confusing and long pattern to follow. If it were not for my co-workers help I dare say these never would have been completed! Thanks Carol and Julie! Next project will be a matching scarf.
Now that the nicer weather is approaching I would like to make a series effort to get some plein air painting done. It will be an all new adventure with an organization I joined last fall. The plein air painters of ontario. Just have to hope and pray the arthritis in my hands settles down. It has been really bad for a month now.
Time to catch up on some reading!!
Be interesting to know if anyone even reads this....
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Feb Plant Parade Project-wip

Working on this months Plant parade project from the Wet canvas web site. Love the choice of flowers this month. This is my first attempt at one with so much white. It is proving to be a challenge to say the least!

Dec Floral Forum Project

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Quick update from the Black Berry. This was the Floral Forum project from Dec. As you can see I am a bit behind. LoL Great project concept and the references were beautiful. I chose a different reference pic and changed it. Solely for educational purposes. Need all the help I can get. This image is aprox. 8x10 which tends to be my favorite size. Painted using Derwent Inktense Watersoluble Pencils for the first time. Have to confess at first they were troublesome but the more I used them the better I liked them. The colors are very vibrant. Unlike watercolor pencils the color sets fast and permanent. So beware! Having said that, you can really achieve some nice layers of color. Overall very pleased(cause they were not cheap) and enjoy using them.
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Misc. Drawings, Paintings and Scratchboard

Blue Heron Pencil
 Blue Jay Pencil Study
 First ever watercolor painting on arches cold press paper 8x10  Photo reference taken from roses in the garden.

 My girl Sage who was my best friend..RIP April 2010
Scratch board 8x10

 Wetcanvas Plant Parade Project month of Nov 2010
 Wolf Scratch board 8x10

As promised here are a few photos of my artwork from the past 5 yrs. Not a huge body of work but a few things i am proud of.


Summer 2010 Butterfly hunting/copyrighted
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This was a test from the Blackberry. Took me a few tries but it is figured out
Thought for 2011 I would try something new. This is mainly just a place for me to post pics and comments of some of the hobbies and interests/"Simple Pleasures" I have. The spelling and grammar may be terrible so be This is just for fun. A place to share with friends, family and whomever else shares similar interests.

I plan to post some works in progress from the Wetcanvas Floral forum. There is a monthly challenge with some fantastic artists and people. You can find the web site at

I am by no means exceptionally talented, but simply enjoy what I do. Hope you enjoy it too!

With any luck a slide show of some past works of art will be online shortly!