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Spring Flowers

Spring is finally here but it sure does not feel like it today. Good thing I was able to snap a few photos yesterday. The ice pellets and strong winds that have prevailed all day on and off would not have made for a good photo session. Lucky for me I was able to capture a few good images. One of the most enjoyable things for me is photographing plants, trees and flowers. I don't know why but its a real obsession!
Both of these images were taken using my Nikon D3200. The colour photo remains untouched but the black and white photo I did some adjusting in Photoshop. Black and white photography just has a certain appeal which I am trying to explore. We always see florals in colour so I thought it would be interesting to see some in Black and White. 
My Internet works slower then a turtle so there will only be two photos this time.
Till next time!!


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Quick update from the Black Berry. This was the Floral Forum project from Dec. As you can see I am a bit behind. LoL Great project concept and the references were beautiful. I chose a different reference pic and changed it. Solely for educational purposes. Need all the help I can get. This image is aprox. 8x10 which tends to be my favorite size. Painted using Derwent Inktense Watersoluble Pencils for the first time. Have to confess at first they were troublesome but the more I used them the better I liked them. The colors are very vibrant. Unlike watercolor pencils the color sets fast and permanent. So beware! Having said that, you can really achieve some nice layers of color. Overall very pleased(cause they were not cheap) and enjoy using them.
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